FAQ's With Sally Mackinnon, Stylist for Men

  • Q: What sort of man uses your service?

    This service is really aimed at every man, but is ideal for men who hate shopping and just don’t have the time (or energy) to do it.

    Through my discussions with clients over many years, I’ve realized that most men despise shopping, find it stressful, boring and either don’t prioritize it or simply don’t have the time to think about it.

    I also understand there are many men who like fashion and like to look stylish, but again they don’t have the time to plan their wardrobe. This service is perfect for them.

    There are men who find shopping with their partners too stressful (yes, I’ve seen you in the change rooms arguing with your wife!) or who are newly single and no longer have a second opinion.

    Perhaps you really want to update your style but don’t know where to start. Having an experienced stylist’s eye and knowledge (not a sales person) to choose and create your new wardrobe is a no-brainer. I’ll choose pieces for you that you may have otherwise overlooked, but you’ll absolutely love.

    Whether you’re looking to buy one outfit or a complete new wardrobe, I will ensure everything mixes and matches seamlessly, including accessories.

    Think of me as your personal style consultant, here to build your wardrobe over time, hassle and stress free. You can contact me at any time regarding an existing or new order to discuss your personal needs, tastes and style goals.

    Whether you’re a time poor, high flying corporate man, someone living in another state or country town, or a regular bloke just wanting to look good, this service is perfect for you.

  • Q: How much does the service cost?

    A: The online styling and shopping service is a flat fee of $99. When you allocate your overall budget, consider $99 included in this. Delivery of your items and your first exchange or return is covered by this fee.

    Each order is personally chosen by me, in line with the information you provide. I consider your personal style, lifestyle and current trends before sourcing individual items and creating outfit combinations from a variety of stores.

  • Q: When do I pay for my items?

    A: Just like any other e-commerce site, you’ll pay at the checkout when you confirm your budget and place your order.

  • Q: What happens if you spend below or over my budget?

    A: If your total spend comes in less that your allocated budget, you will have the choice of:

    1. An online credit that you can use towards your next order. For example, your budget is $700 but I only spend $625, you will have a $75 online credit.
    2. You may request this amount be refunded into your bank account.

    I will never spend more than the allocated budget. If there is a special circumstance where this may occur, I will contact you to discuss.

  • Q: What payment methods do you accept?

    A: We use PayPal and accept all credit cards

  • Q: What happens if I don't like something or something doesn't fit?

    A: Each order can be returned for a refund or returned for an exchange of size once, free of charge. If you receive any item/s you don’t like or require a change of size, simply return within 5 days.

  • Q; How do I return or exchange an item?

    A: You will create an account that you can access at any time. Simply go to your account and select the items you wish to return or exchange. I will receive a notification that these items are on their way.

    Returned items will be credited back to your chosen method of payment (PayPal or Credit Card) and exchanged items will be posted to you, free of charge.

  • Q: How long do I have to decide if I want to keep my items?

    A: Once your box is delivered, you have 48 hours to decide what you’re keeping or what you want returned or exchanged. These items must be returned to me within 7 days of dispatch. My returns timeframe allows me to meet the returns policies of the retailers, which can be as little as 7 days.

    If you are not sure about an item or have a question about anything you’ve received, please call! I’d be happy to discuss your style needs in more detail. This information will be kept in your client profile that assists me for future purchases and orders.

  • Q: What packaging do I use to return or exchange?

    A: Depending on how many items you are returning, you may use the original packaging or send using a postal method of your choice, i.e. AusPost satchel or Express Post bag. Use the provided pre-paid return label and affix to your parcel.

  • Q: Where do I send my returns or exchanges?

    A: All returns and exchanges are to be posted to

    Sally Mackinnon
    902/35 Spring St

  • Q: Can I chat with you before I place my order?

    A: Absolutely. The more information I have about you, the better. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email or phone. You may have particular preferences or ideas about your order you wish to discuss.

  • Q: What are your contact hours?

    A: You can reach me via telephone Monday – Friday 9am-9pm, Saturdays 10am – 6pm or via email 7 days a week.

  • Q: How do you know where to shop for my style and budget?

    A: I have been styling men since 2007 and I am very familiar with all the brands from the High Street to High End. I understand which brands work for particular body types and personal styles.

    I also understand men’s shapes and builds, and what cuts of clothing works on them.

    Unlike other online styling services, your wardrobe is curated by an experienced stylist working in the field full time.

  • Q: Do you shop at all stores or are you aligned with certain retailers?

    A: My point of difference to other online shopping services is that I shop uniquely for you. I don’t have a warehouse of clothing that I pull from when I get your order. I go to each store or brand individually and select your wardrobe based on your preferences – your ‘Style DNA’.

    No order will be the same. I can and do shop anywhere and everywhere and I have no affiliations with any brands; just great relationships.

  • Q: There are other online styling services around, why should I choose this one?

    A: Yes indeed there are. I came up with the idea of providing an online service to men because I love men’s style and fashion. I love creating the perfect style for my clients. Creating looks from head to toe, based on a clients unique preferences, lifestyle, shape and budget.

    Why not extend that service to every man, regardless of whether they can make it to Melbourne to meet for a one on one shop?

    This service is just as good as a one on one styling session with me. It’s personalized, tailored to the individual, efficient and time saving.

    Unlike other services, I do not default to a rack of pre-purchased items to fulfill your order. I shop for you, at any place I choose.

    Your new wardrobe is completely hand-selected by me, Melbourne’s leading

    stylist for men. I have established long term contacts in men’s style and retail across clothing, footwear, corporate wear and accessories at all price points, and receive VIP access to new ranges.

Your style, your fit, delivered straight to your door.